Installing Vivarium


Vivarium is written in Python and supports Python 3.6+.

Installation from PyPI

Vivarium packages are published on the Python Package Index. The preferred tool for installing packages from PyPI is pip. This tool is provided with all modern versions of Python

On Linux or MacOS, you should open your terminal and run the following command.

$ pip install -U vivarium

On Windows, you should open Command Prompt and run the same command.

C:\> pip install -U vivarium

After installation, type simulate test. This will run a test simulation packaged with the framework and validate that everything is installed correctly.

Installation from source

You can install Vivarium directly from a clone of the Git repository. You can clone the repository locally and install from the local clone:

$ git clone
$ cd vivarium
$ pip install .

You can also install directly from the git repository with pip:

$ pip install git+

Additionally, you can download a snapshot of the Git repository in either tar.gz or zip format. Once downloaded and extracted, these can be installed with pip as above.